Stigmatized Drummer v1.2 Demo

We created a free Demo of Stigmatized Drummer. Its a fully functional demo coming with about 150 reference grooves and containing all 3 nki’s with the only limitation that it stops playing after 5 minutes (Enough time for someone to test it and see if he likes the sound or not).

After the end of the 5 minutes you can close the instrument and load it again and you will have again 5 more minutes to try. It can be also used as a groove converter to convert Stigmatized Drummer grooves to any different format for use with any other drumming software..

I strongly recommend you to download the free demo of Stigmatized Drummer to test it and to compare with any other drumming software…just select a groove of your taste at the groove browser convert it using the drum map you want drag’n’drop to DAW and play it using the particular software and then with Stigmatized Drummer.
In this way you will have the best possible test between different drumming softwares and of course your clear opinion and not some random opinions spread out in the internet by “keyboard warriors” and based on how famous is the name of every drumming software and not to the real value and sound.

Stigmatized Drummer v1.2 Demo is also a way to test all the above even for the users that don’t own the Full version of Kontakt.They can download the free Kontakt Player (time limitation for Kontakt player is 15 minutes),and use our Demo as described above.