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The next-level ultra realistic metal drum library

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Give life to your metal productions with a drum library that goes way beyond anything you have ever experienced till now. With a focus on the ultimate sound quality, realism and the deepest possible sampling, Fotis Benardo Drums is an expertly recorded, feature-packed, and out of any competition-sounding Kontakt Player instrument. In fact thanks to it’s unique features, it’s easier than ever to add professional, and ultra realistic drum performances to any metal production in any DAW.

Expertly produced by Stigmatized Productions and Fotis Benardo at Devasoundz Studios
Sampled/Performed by Fotis Benardo
Advanced algorithms for adding Ultra realism to programmed drums
Built-in studio effects for complete tonal control
Advanced Routing options. Route anything-everywhere…inside the Instrument or out to DAW
Includes the most extensive library of professional midi grooves ever created




Want to work with midi performances that use a drum map from a different drum library?

No problem. Fotis Benardo Drums supports almost any different major drumming instrument format including over 30+ factory drum maps.

Create and save your own custom drum maps with just a few mouse clicks. In fact up to 100 user drum maps can be created.

Fotis Benardo Drums Drum Maps


Fotis Benardo Drums Mixer Effects

Right out of the box, Fotis Benardo Drums sounds way beyond competition. The presets from Stigmatized Productions and Devasoundz Studios will definitely give you drums that are “Mix ready” and “Cut in the mix“. Likewise if you want to tweak the sounds further to your unique taste, you can use the studio-quality effects that are built right into Fotis Benardo Drums.

You get all you need — compression, EQ, transient shaping, saturation and limiting from vintage FET circuits and emulations of some of the best analog hardware.

Fotis Benardo Drums Master Limiter


How would it be to have one of the world’s top drummers play on your track?

Fotis Benardo Drums includes the most complete and realistic Midi groove Library ever created…Over 3700 professionaly performed MIDI grooves, fills, flamms, finales and cymbal swells that you can drop into your own songs just as they are. Or use them as a starting point to create your own drum arrangements in no time.

Fotis Benardo Drums-Drum library Grooves Page


Fotis Benardo Drums-Drum library E-Kit control

In this drum library there is a full control on any different drum piece independently. You can load-unload, tune, change velocity, compress-expand dynamics and edit the sample behaviour (attack, hold, decay) on any drum element.

Besides the E-Kit users can have access and edit independently pad sensitivity, “ghost notes control” and precisely adjust Hihat pedal behaviour according to taste.


Fotis Benardo Mix Samples

You can use Fotis Benardo Drums in your mixes even outside Kontakt environment.

The included Trigger 2 TCI and WAV files will enable using Fotis shell samples as typical mix samples. Round robins, velocity layers and multiple microphone choices will help you add excitement and great tones to any mix.

* To use TCI files, a full version of Slate Trigger is required.



– Mapex Saturn V 22”x 18” (Processed, Raw)

– Pearl Reference 22”x 18” (Processed, Raw)

– Mapex Black Panther Persuader 6.5”x 14” (Processed, Raw)

– Mapex Saturn V 6.5”x 14” (Processed, Raw)

– Pearl Masters 5.5”x 14” (Processed, Raw)

– Tama StarClassic 6.5”x 14” (Processed, Raw)

Articulations : Centre Rimshot, Off-Centre Rimshot, Edge Rimshot, Centre (No Rimshot), Sidestick

– Pearl Reference 8”x 8” (Processed, Raw)

– Pearl Reference 10”x 10” (Processed, Raw)

– Pearl Reference 12”x 12” (Processed, Raw)

– Pearl Reference 14”x 14” (Processed, Raw)

– Mapex Saturn V 10”x 10” (Processed, Raw)

– Mapex Saturn V 12”x 12” (Processed, Raw)

– Mapex Saturn V 14”x 14” (Processed, Raw)

– Mapex Saturn V 16”x 16” (Processed, Raw)

– Sabian AAX 14” (Processed)

– Zildjian K Custom Dark 14” (Processed)

– Paiste Innovasions 14” (Processed)

Articulations : Tip Tight, Tip Closed, Edge Closed, Tip Loose, Edge Loose, Edge Open1, Edge Open2, Edge Opening (Hihat Bark), Hihat Pedal

– Sabian AAX Metal Ride 20” (Processed)

– Zildjian K Custom Ride 20” (Processed)

– Paiste A Power Ride 20” (Processed)

Articulations : Ride Tip, Ride Bell, Ride Body, Ride Edge, Key Choke

– Sabian AAX Studio Crash 16” (Processed)

– Sabian HHX 17” (Processed)

– Zildjian K Crash 16” (Processed)

Articulations : Edge, Choke, Key Choke

– Sabian AAX Studio Crash 18” (Processed)

– Sabian HHX Xtreme 19” (Processed)

– Paiste 2002 Classic Crash 18” (Processed)

Articulations : Edge, Choke, Key Choke

– Sabian HHX Evolution Ozone 20” (Processed)

– Sabian HHX Evolution Ozone 18” (Processed)

Articulations : Edge, Choke, Key Choke

– Zildjian K Custom Splash 12” (Processed)

– Zildjian K Custom Splash 08” (Processed)

Articulations : Edge, Key Choke

– Sabian AAX Xtreme China 19” (Processed)

– Zildjian Oriental China 16” (Processed)

Articulations : Edge, Choke, Key Choke


Fotis is totaly a beast behind the Drum Kit and definitely one of the greatest today’s metal drummers. He has been member of bands such as Septic FleshNecromantiaNightrageChaostar, and is currently a member of one of the pioneers of the Greek metal scene Nightfall.

But the whole story goes way beyond the case of just a “Great Drummer”

Fotis is also the Vocalist/Frontman of the Metal/Rock band SixforNine and at the same time an excelent producer and owner of Devasoundz Studios in Athens having worked with a ton of Metal and Rock bands…Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, Nightfall, SixforNine, Sakis Tolis, Nightrage just to name a few…As a result he definitely is “The guy” to know better than anyone else how to “perform and capture” the finest Drum sounds possible

Every single drum hit in the instrument was sampled by Fotis during a meticulous recording process that captures every detail of Fotis’s exceptional drum kits.

Fotis Benardo Sick Drummer Magazine
Fotis Benardo Drums-Drum library Kit Page

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71.40€ 119.00€


No, only the free Kontakt Player is required. In fact there is no need to buy any additional software to enjoy Fotis Benardo Drums.

You can download it here : Free Kontakt Player

Please follow our Video guide below :

Yes! Fotis Benardo Drums will work if your DAW is compatible with Kontakt. In fact almost any DAW today (Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Reaper, Studio One, Fl Studio etc) can load third-party plugins through VST3, Audio Units, or AAX…so you are ready to go

No problem, because Kontakt or Kontakt Player runs on Apple Silicon!

Yes! Once the serial number is activated in Native Access, you can install it on up to three computers. Only one instance of Fotis Benardo Drums can be used at once.

Please follow our Video guide below :


Free Kontakt Player 7.2 or newer
Windows or Mac OS (Intel & Apple Silicon suported)

Built for Kontakt – No Additional Software Needed

Compatible with Native Instruments hardware


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