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  • Fotis Benardo Drums


    Includes :

    • Fotis Benardo Drums Software
    • Expertly produced by Stigmatized Productions and Fotis Benardo at Devasountz Studios
    • Sampled/Performed by Fotis Benardo
    • Advanced algorithms for adding Ultra realism to programmed drums
    • Built-in studio effects for complete tonal control
    • Advanced Routing options. Route anything-everywhere…inside the Instrument or out to DAW
    • Includes the most extensive library of professional midi grooves ever created (3700+Professionaly performed midi grooves)
    • Total access to any drum map
    • Fotis Benardo Drums Mix Samples TCI Pack for Slate Trigger 2
  • Stigmatized Drummer Full Software Cart

    Stigmatized Drummer Full Software Pack


    Includes :

    • Stigmatized Drummer v1.2 Software
    • 1500+ grooves of the highest quality (all Stigmatized Drummer Groove Packs)