The Ultimate Blast


Includes :

  • 300+ Midi Files of Metal Insanity.
  • Blastbeats of any possible Variation.
  • A huge amount of Drum Fills.
  • “Finales”…Useful endings for your compositions.
  • “Cymbal Swells”…Will deliver this extra “sauce” on your Performances.
  • “General Midi” Drum Map for absolute compatibility with any Drum Instrument.
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard



With 300+ Midi Files of Metal Insanity this pack will cover even the most demanding Metal user. Here you can find any possible variation on Blastbeats covering any speed style (Slower Blastbeats, TRVE Blastbeats, High Speed Blastbeats, Extreme Blastbeats) of any kind, a huge amount of Drum Fills, extra Finale performances, plus a “Cymbal Swell” section will make you forget everything you know till now about “Metal Packs” of any kind in the market.

The Ultimate Blast Pack follows the General Midi Drum Map in order to be compatible with every Drum Instrument.

Stop struggling on “Drum Programming” Blastbeats…Your solution is here : The Ultimate Blast Pack will give you the Highest realistic performance with a diversity of the next Level with a few mouse clicks …Time to focus on Composition and Recording.

Listen below some examples where you can hear some of these Blastbeats combined with other kind of grooves in a “Drums only” or a “Full Mix” scenario…And i challenge you to make comparisons with any other Extreme Pack on the Market.

In this way you know exactly what are we talking about!!!  



off, especially for you 🎁

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