Stigmatized Drummer Grooves Full Pack


Includes :

  • 1500+ grooves of the highest quality.
  • Covers almost any style through various genres.
  • Contains all Stigmatized Drummer Midi Groove Packs.
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard


Stigmatized Drummer Grooves FULL PACK

Contains all 5 Stigmatized Drummer Groove Packs.(Full Metal, HC Punk, Rock, Pop, Greek Ethnic), with 1500+ grooves of the highest quality and a huge number of Drum Fills and Variations.Covers all styles from simple to advanced…It can “play” for you almost anything giving you the freedom to “focus” on your Songwriting instead of Struggling on “Drum Programming”.

Stigmatized Drummer Groove Pack Vol 5 Greek Ethnic is included in Full Software Pack of Stigmatized Drummer so if someone is already a user of Stigmatized Drummer there is no need to purchase this pack separately.

This pack is created mostly for users who work with a different Drumming Software  and want to include these grooves in their workaround.




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